Currently resides in columbus, oh
From Rochester, NY

My setup at the RAW: Columbus Show


Ccad Art Fair- no ordinary fish

Hey check out my print portfolio!

Washington and Walnut #diy
Super deluxe promo package
Get your tickets for the RAW show from me at the #ccadartfair, or any other time, but i’ll have them there, and you should go to to art fair too, it’s rad. The tickets are going to be perforated and you’ll get a nifty little 5x5…MOSAIC print!
cut your own stickers
Sculptural painting- Layered cubes of painted paper cross sectioned. #sculpture #painting #aaronbehnkcreations
Litho print on linen, too light but still looks kinda sweet
Rochester subway ball-grain plate drawing for litho print #rochester #graffiti #streetart  #subway #drawing #printing #lithograph #aaronbehnkcreations #ny

I’m writing things and putting them on my tumblr now.

I’ll go to a quiet corner,
and play music there,
because I know how much noise gets on your nerves.

My heart is sinking.
My body is broken.
My head is strong but no longer thinking.
My frames are scratched,
and my sight clouds my vision. I couldn’t discern

a decision, from a shadow,
looming fate.

I wait,
and write lightly fearing the noise of it.